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    Common Core Literacy in Science Standards  (p62)  

CCGPS Literacy Standards (GaDOE)

  Common Core GaDOE GPB Sessions   Literacy in Science Webinar and GPB Dates

Literacy and Project-Based Learning!   



Georgia Science Resources Next Generation STEM Suggestions
Click the titles below to view specific disciplinary links.
Biology     Chemistry      Earth      Environmental      Interdisciplinary     Life    Physical   Physics     Science Fair

Georgia Resources and Information

  GaDOE ,  Science Program Page

  Science Standards

 *  Science Frameworks, Grades 9-12

*   CRCT Weights per Domain

 *  Graduation Requirements by GaDOE

 *  Passing the Science GHSGT



to support



21st Century Learning



see Inquiry/STEM



 * 21st Century Partnership's Student Outcomes 
               (skills, knowledge and expertise students should master to succeed in  the 21st century.)

* 21st Century Information, Communication and Technology Literacy Maps                 (strategies to integrate technology into the science content)



* Framework to Support 21st Century Learning


* MILE Guide (Milestones for improving teaching)



MCSD Productions


 * SIEMENS  STEM  Academy - resources for teachers and students


 *  America's Home Energy Education Challenge


Next Generation Science Framework

(national movement)

 *  Next Generation HOME PAGE

  *  Next Generation Conceptual Shifts 

  *  Next Generation, Brief

   Next Generation Framework - Three Dimensions

  Next Generation Framework - FREE Download

  *  National Academies  - overview of process

  *  Education Week, September 2011 article

   Next Generation Vertical Alignment - Draft   (see page 119+) 


       What is happening now? (PPt)

      Georgia's Tenative Timeline: NG Pilot 



 LINKS for . . . . . . . .    *    Indicates interactive sites.      T    indicates textbook resources              V     indicates video


Click on selected topics to locate correlated links.

Biology     Chemistry      Earth      Environmental      Interdisciplinary     Life    Physical   Physics     Science Fair

Performance Tasks


7E Model - Performance Tasks (PT) template


Inquiry-Based Learning


                     Science Materials

Scientific Integrity -Union of Concerned Scientists- Lesson Plans

  * Howard Huges Medical Institute: FREE materials

  * PALS (Some tasks include rubrics)

  * National Center for Educational Statistics: NAEP Questions

  * NWREL Aquarium Problem: 4th grade


  * Science Task Rubric

  * Science Task Template

Interdisciplinary Sites

Skills and Tutorials


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* Frank Potter's Science Gems

* HA Games: Interactive site

* Virtual Labs

   Videos: BrainPop

* National Center for Educational Statistics: NAEP Questions 


 Dr. Mike Edmondson's Northside Labs



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   Chemmybear (animated)

   Chemical Engineer

   Culinary Science

* Interactive Chemistry

   Kitchen Chemistry

   Measurement Quiz

* Periodic Table

* Periodic Table by ChemiCool

   Rainbow in a Glass

* Rutgers: Virtual Chemistry Lab

* Virtual Chemistry



Earth Science


(Georgia specific resources)




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   Science Page- 6th Grade Earth Science and

            Coca-Cola Space Science lessons          


                   Coca-Cola Space Science Center             



  Chattahoochee RiverWarden 






     Georgia Adopt-A-Stream




   (Live  webcam at Chattahoochee River!)



      Oxbow Meadows (Columbus State outreach program) 


   Water Smart - Water Crisis in Georgia 


       Water in Georgia Quiz

              additional information for water conservation......



               Earth Science



   Earth Science Encyclopedia

   Earth Science Week- Lesson Plans

   Earthquake Articles

   Encounter Earth

   International Space Station

   Mission to Mars

   New Horizons



   Return to the Moon


   Scavenger Hunt

   Seasonal Star

   Star Clock

   Stars of the Pharaohs


   What would really happen if.....

   Wonders of the Universe




V Annenberg Videos, Essential Science for Teachers, Earth Science

   Assessment for Learning (tasks, rubrics and organizers

   Coca-Cola Space Science Center

T Glencoe Textbook

    Earthquakes- Virtual Courseware

MathTools: Mars

*  MathTools: Space Math

    Oil Spill

*  Star Child

V  Teacher's Domain, graphics and videos

    Universcale -comparing and understanding things which cannot be  

                       physically compared



       Water Cycle



  The Green Hour

  Tox Town - interactive introduction to toxic chemicals and 

                 environmental health risks

  Oxbow Meadows, a Columbus State University Outreach



 GYM, Green Youth Movement (created by a 15-year old)



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V Annenberg Videos, Essential Science for Teachers, Life Science

T Glencoe Life Science

    Oxbow Meadows, a Columbus State University Outreach

Science Clips: Interdependence and adaptations

V  Teacher's Domain, graphics and videos

Ten Cool Sites: Interactive sites demonstrate body movement

V  Virtual Frog Dissection











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   Annenberg Videos: Essential Science for Teachers,

                                Physical Science

   Energy  (Complete with tasks, rubrics and organizers)

Energy- Dr. E's Energy Lab

Forces Lab

T Glencoe: Physical Science

Molecularium: Interactive site allows modeling of molecules

   Periodic Table (games)

 * PhET Virtual Labs

   SAE Foundation- order materials

Science Clips: Forces, Circuits (See truck ramp)

   Simple Machines - Lesson Plans

   Simple Machines- Tutorials

   Teacher's Domain, graphics and videos


* Ideal Gas Law

* Mechanics, Oscillations and Waves, Electrodynamics, Optics

  Humorous- Physics of Santa

  Physics to Go


T Glencoe: Physics

  Lesson Plans - over 200

     Science Fair Resources


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    Science Fair Links and Documents


Professional Sites

National Science Teachers Association