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Middle School Templates


High School Updates


CCGPS Course Path with EOCT

CCGPS Math Course Names and Sequence

CCGPS Math Course Descriptions

EOCT % Changes

High School Phase-In Plan with EOCT



What does PARCC have to do with it?

SAMPLE PARCC mathematics items


Graduation Requirements 2012-2013

Mathematics Course Path Options

Graduation Guidance -MATH -by GaDOE (p8)

Graduation Requirements by GaDOE

Intervention Options by GaDOE (sequence)

Mathematics IV Options

Staying on Course, by BOR

BOR Letter - Math III Support

Pyramid of Interventions

Transfer Students, Math Guidance

Standards, New Math Courses

CCGPS Resources   
    SIS ( CCGPS Page

  *    Southeast Comprehensive Center  Videos to define CCGPS

  *      Prototype Item (technology integration)  

Framework Browser: Search for Course Components

  *    MARS, Shell Centre for Mathematics Education - tasks for CCGPS

  *  Mathematics Commom Core Toolbox
                   (Click Standards for Math Content, Key  visualizations)   
 (Click Resources to see example tasks)

Illustrative Mathematics   

* Curriculum 21 - CCGPS Math finds

 Common Core Tools    

  *  GeoGebra - interactive graphics for K-16

   Practice problems aligned to Common Core

  *   Inside Mathematics - Mathematics Practice Standards defined

  *  KhanACADEMY  - tutorial content videos

   *  LearnZillion - video clips are correlated to Common Core

Lesson plans and photos to guide questions (articles too)





CCGPS Practice Standards:

GaDOE  Quick Links

Common Core Resources

Sharing Sites

Mathematics Assessments



Mathematical Practice


Mathematical Practice: Look For...


Mathematical Practice: Suggestions







(excellent resources)



Technology Resources



Mathematics Vision Project by Utah

(HS ebook)


New York Sample

CC Questions



Implementing Math Practice Standards




Content Descriptors for 20133


Georgia Performance Standards







EOCT Released Items, Guides and Descriptors


  Research Classroom Strategies











Inside a standards-based middle school class

Inside a standards-based high school class !!


Middle School Data Sharing

* Student Plan

                            *  Recommendations for Advanced Placement in Grades 6-8   template

                            *  8th Grade Data and Recommendations Spreadsheet for 9th Grade - template