Instructional  Strategies


   Improving Communications

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Classroom Materials and Resources

MCSD Framework of Initiatives

Checklist for Implementation of Instructional Strategies

Marzano's Nine Essential Instructional Strategies

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Differentiated Instruction

Engaged Learners 



Rigor Through Critical Thinking Skills

Standards-Based Classroom 






How is Rigor Attained

 Through Critical Thinking Skills?





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  Mathematics Thinking Maps Team





   Higher-Order Thinking

          * Strategies

           1. Use action verbs noted in Bloom's document to design units and lesson plans.

               Bloom's Taxonomy and Verb List

               NEW Bloom's Taxonomy - graphic and Verb List

           2. Note the strategies indicated by Marzano's Nine on this page.

           3. Performance Objectives, measurable indicators of mastery


   Rigor in the Classroom

           * Strategies

           1.  Marzano's Nine Instructional Strategies   

           2.  Assessing Academic Rigor in the Math Classroom

           3.  New Horizons for Learning


   Mentoring Minds Resources


   Depth of Knowledge: by GaDOE

         1.  DOK Levels    by Wisconsin Center for Education Research

         2. DOK Levels Chart

         3.  DOK graphic (page 6) by Southern Nevada Regional PDP

         4.  DOK Descriptions specific to Science   by Colorado Department of Education

        5.  Bloom's Correlation to DOK  (see page 5 of attachment)


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Project-Based Learning


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            hows and whys of PBL
                         concepts, videos and examples
                   checklists for Project-Based Learning
               more resources ....
Professional Learning Communities

            Vertical Teams 



            1. National Staff Development Council: Learning Communities

            2. Educational Leadership: Improving Relationships Within the Schoolhouse

            3. Building Professional Learning Communities by Cathy Berlinger-Gustafson

  More Resources



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       Non-readers     Physical Impairments     Sensory Impairments    Attention/Behavior     Gifted

       Direct links to general classroom accommodations specific for disability:
Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Deaf - Blind
Deaf/Hard of Hearing
Emotional and Behavioral Disorder

       Mathematics Strategies for Learning Disabilities
Mild Intellectual Disability
Orthopedic Impairment
Significant Development Delay
Specific Learning Disability
Speech - Language Impairment

       Tourette Syndrome
Traumatic Brain Injury
Visual Impairment

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