Common Core Georgia Performance Standards



Teacher Checklist for CCGPS Preparation 

                                     * Mathematics and ELA have new content standards - CCGPS

                                      * Science and Social Studies content standards are still GPS......... BUT

                                      * Science and Social Studies join the CCGPS with the CCGPS Literacy Standards


PARCC Framework defines CCGPS K-11

PARCC Assessment Prototypes

PARCC Task Types

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GPS GPS Materials CCGPS Preparation CCSS


National  Standards

Georgia Performance Standards (GPS) and CCGPS

and  and   and

Georgia Department of Education, CCGPS

SEDL videos to define the standards!

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  GaDOE Wikispaces for Math  
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Professional Development LINKS by GaDOE for CCGPS


                 Math: Webinar Schedule  for Units 2-9               

Math: Unit 2-9 Calendar

        CCGPS Mathematics Unit ONE Webinar Recordings  





Be sure to vist the SIS Math Instruction or the SIS ELA Instruction page for more details!

Common Core Georgia Performance Standards

Brochure of CCGPS Overview


PLAN for High School Mathematics CCGPS Implementation


Common Core State Standards to Assessment: Overview


Visit the Learning Village for the CCGPS and Teaching Guides

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Common Core State Standards (CCSS)

Math CC Appendix A

Common Core State Standards


Achieve and the American Diploma Project


Science and Social Studies with GPS Content and CCGPS Literacy

Science and Social Studies

Content Standards remain GPS

Science and Social Studies have Literacy CCGPS

  New Science Framework


CCSS Reading Standards for Literacy in Science

New National Science Standards/Framework Progress

Literacy Standards for Science and Social Studies (GaDOE)

Literacy and Project-Based Learning!